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Postby Guest » 06 Apr 2005 10:45

Ok, I will test it today. No Idea whats wrong:(

Postby Guest » 06 Apr 2005 12:12

Now I have uploadet SCB again. Hope now it works.

Postby Jim » 06 Apr 2005 12:42

Uploaded in the download section?
I shall try then.

Postby Jim » 06 Apr 2005 13:03

I saw that Davos and Frankfurt have the same problem than SCB.
Two swiss teams don't work.... My goal was to play the LNA championship!!!!
All the other teams seem to be working allright. Great job!

Postby Guest » 06 Apr 2005 14:11

Yes in download Arena 2005. Hope it works now ?

On my computer it runs without problems.

Postby Jim » 06 Apr 2005 15:21

No, and I have tried on another computer. Davos, Berne and Frankfurt, the DOS window opens with a text asking to press a button. I press the button and immediatly the DOS window close.

Is it runing allright on your computer? Does it take a while to install them like the other teams?


Postby Guest » 06 Apr 2005 16:54

Please make E Mail to me:

So I can send maybe another .bat File

(Or do you know how to create a new .bat File ?)

Postby Jim » 07 Apr 2005 08:46

Even more strangely, I tried again yesterday evening and this time everything went allright, even Berne and Davos.

Thanks for your great job.

Just one remark on the geneva's jersey. The name of the player is overwitten on the publicity at the top of the back of the player. Plus the name is written in pale blue instead of black. (and there is a mistake in the roster...)

Is there a tutorial on how manipulating and creating teams like you did? I have never done such a thing but I work with Perl, PHP and Python for my living, so I've got some skills in programmation. I would enjoy trying do create some stuff like that for NHL 2005. Even if it would take years because of my lack of experience.

Postby Guest » 07 Apr 2005 18:34

You need Editors.

You can find it here: ... 5&liga=elh

With NHL Viev you can change the Roster.

To open grafiks you need Fshx and to bring it "in" or "out" you need BIG GUI.

Try to open some of our grafiks:)

If you have open its very easy with Corell Draw, Corell Photoshoh etc. to change the grafik

Postby Jim » 08 Apr 2005 08:08

Cool, I am going to try to create the team were I play....
Thanks for all!

Postby Ray » 08 Apr 2005 17:36

You can edit the .bat file and add the line


to it where you want the "code" to pause.

You could also start the "DOS" windows (I wouldn't call it DOS window in XP anymore's just the console) and then change to the correct directory (where you have your bat file saved).

You can easily change the path with the command

pushd "c:\program files\ea games\nhl 2005" (or wherever you have it).

Then, you can enter the name of the bat file to run it. If there's no "end" line in the bat, the console shouldn't close. Alternatively you could run the bat file with the parameter >output.txt (e.g. addon.bat >output.txt). This would create a new file called output.txt where it "redirects" the screen output to the file.

Well, do everything at your own risk tough ;)

Hope this helps.

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Postby MF » 11 Jun 2005 15:34

New: Dynamo Moscow, CSKA and Lok. Jaroslavl in Download Area.
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Postby MF » 13 Jun 2005 18:03

Update for all Teams. (With new Iceex)
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