NHL 2004 / Editing [Wichtig]

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NHL 2004 / Editing [Wichtig]

Post by Guest » 16 Nov 2004 22:43


I have just few questions for NHL 2004:

1) how can I edit the stick for an entire team? I want that the team has only 1 single kind of stick for all the players!
2) how can I change the color of the seats? for example in your SwissAddon2004 patch the Resega has red seats instead of the original yellow seats

Thank you

:arrow: PS: You can answer in german!

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Post by MF » 17 Nov 2004 00:09

Bei NHL 2003 und neu beim NHL 2005 ist es kein Problem die Farbe der Sitze zu ändern. Bei 2004 stürzt es bei mir immer ab wenn ich was am Stadion mache:(

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