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NLA and Austrian Bundesliga

Posted: 07 Feb 2006 20:28
by wharfrat65
Would anyone know if there are complete addons done for the NLA and the Austrian Bundesliga? I cannot find an NLA Addon page, nor can I find one for the Austrian Bundesliga. Thanks in advance!

Posted: 07 Feb 2006 21:00
by Dany
NLA Addon is on our Page. Also all Austrian Teams.

If you install our EHL Addon you have the NLA Addon inside. (Replaces Sweden) The Austrian Teams replace the National Teams and the Rest replaces the NHL Teams. But with our Adon you can also play Elitesereien, because all Teams from Sweeden are in. Just start a new Season in Switzerland and choin replace Team. So you can bring back all Swedish Teams insteed the NLA Teams.

So, there are over 60 Teams from Europe you can play:)